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garageGOLF Features

Coming in 2002

GarageGOLF's Classified Ads.

Golfers will be able to sell clubs with a listed picture and price. All participants will be responsible for their own transactions using PayPal.

GarageGOLF will not handle and money transactions for used clubs.

This will be a great way to get rid of those garage clubs that have been around for ever.

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SportNet Questions

Q. How much room do I need for installation?

A. SportNet will fit in a 2 car garage. There have also been intallation which have worked in a one car portion of the garage. It is very flexible when it comes to installation.

Q. Will I be able to park my cars in the garage?

A. Yes! I is easily taken up and down in seconds. SportNet has a patented easy up solution and it works great.

How much time does it take to take up and down?

A. Less than a minute.

Site Questions

Q. How do I find what I am looking for on this site?

A. Use the search option for this site to the left side of each page. Use the advance search for more specific searches.

Q. Can would like to make a suggesting for this site?

A. Fill out a Customer Comment form.



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