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List of services offered:

  • Professional Golf Instruction :

    GarageGOLF offers professional golf instruction in the Sacramento, CA. To pay on-line visit our e-Golf Store Services. If you would like futher information on our instruction please contact
    Roger Stephens at (916) 826-7185.

  • Installation of SportNET:

    GarageGOLF offers installation for SportNET in the Greater Sacramento region. To obtain a quote for installation outside of Sacramento please call.

Lesson Series Information and Pricing

April 2, 2002

Private Lesson

Price $45.00
Item# 1PL, 1 - 45min. Lesson

The private lesson, is in most cases, is for someone who has already learned the pre-swing fundamentals (i.e. posture, grip, alignment, and ball position). The pre-swing fundamentals are better learned through a six lesson series or a group lesson series.

Video Swing Analysis

Price $95.00
Item# 1VSA, 1 - 1.5hr. Lesson

The video swing analysis is a comprehensive look at your swing through the eyes of the latest digital camera and computer program available today. A picture has always been worth a thousand words and with golf this can progress you at a much greater speed than conventional methods of teaching.

Three Private Lessons /Video

Price $125.00
Item# 3PL, 3 - 45min. lessons

The three private lesson series is best served to learn a specific skill or to brush up your present skills. With a series of three lessons you want to be specific on what you would like to accomplish, and use of video equipment comes in handy for reviewing steps necessary to succeed.

Six Lesson Series

Price $225.00
Item# 6LS, 6 - 45min. Lessons

The six lesson series is great for learning the pre-swing fundamentals of the golf swing. Pre-swing fundamentals consist of Posture, Grip, Alignment, and Ball Position. These are what you should be clear on before you swing the club.

Questioned areas of the swing could be

  • How far do I stand from the ball?
  • Where is my weight on my feet? (heels or balls of feet)
  • Where do I place the ball in the middle back or forward of my stance and why?
  • How do I grip the club?
  • How do I align so the ball goes where I want it to go?

These questions and others are answered in a series of 6 for a beginner or intermediate player. And do you know the answer? There is more than one way to swing a golf club but the law of physics is the same for everyone and they control the flight of the ball.

Six Lesson Series
Items 9 hole playing lesson

Price $245.00 (green fee not included)
Item# 6LSPL, 5-45min. + 1-9 hole playing lesson

Some suggested ideas for a series of this type would work well for a golfer trying to improve their game who has struggles course management. Many times mistakes are easily fixed when looked upon by a set of eyes other than yours. You can then take your corrections to the lesson tee.

Six Lesson Series
Items Video Swing Analysis

Price $275.00
Item# 6LSVSA, 5-45min. + 1-1.5 hour analysis lesson

Working with a computer and video camera a golfer can check angles, positions, swing planes and numerous other swing mechanics. This is more for golfers looking to take their game to the next level. Video camera is capable of breaking the swing into 30 frames per second. You see thing the eye can not see under normal conditions.

Group Lessons (6)

Price $125.00
Item# 6LSGRP, 6-1hr. Lessons

Group lessons are great for the beginner looking to get some good fundamentals with a flexible schedule. At this time Garagegolf offers group lessons once a week at Mulligans Driving Range off of interstate 80 across from Fry's Electronics.

Playing Lesson (9 holes)

Price $65.00 (not including green fee)
Item# 1PPL, 1 - 9 hole playing lesson at a course of your choice

If you are having a problem and feel it is just something small to fix, this often works well for a quick tune up. Maybe you need to fine tune your game before a big tournament.

Install SportNET (Local)

Price $95.00
Item# 1INSL

Currently we install SportNET locally in the Greater Sacramento Region. Outside Sacramento price per mile fee applies. (40 Mile Radius) from Carmichael, CA. in Sacramento County

Install SportNET (out of town)

Price $95.00 (Items travel)

Please call for quote out-of-town installation at (916) 825-7185

We install in a 150 mile radius of Sacramento. Price is rounded to the nearest 10th

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