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SportNET by garageGOLF

Reg. U.S. Patent














About SportNet

SportNET by garageGOLF is a fully functional driving net for golf. The patented design allows you to hit real golf balls with any club in the bag as hard as you want. It also can serve as a practice net for other sports, including baseball.

One feature of SportNET is its patented "easy up" storage. SportNET will secure in seconds to overhead structures so space below may be utilized. When installed in a garage, parking cars underneath is a breeze.

A couple of real life pictures
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Through our digital video system, garageGOLF can also provide golf lessons and the latest in swing analysis. The computerized digital capture technology is the most up-to-date on the market today. The hitting mat has a look and feel of real turf.

The Benefits of SportNET:

  • It can allow you more time to practice
  • Use it in a location of your choice
  • Practice in a controlled environment
  • Improves ball striking
  • Trains and keeps your golf muscles in shape for better performance
  • Multi-sport applications
  • Great for kids

SportNET Features:

  • Easy up storage
  • Durable impact net
  • Shank-proof safety net
  • Installs at work or home

SportNET is built with a safety net outer and a impact net inner that will stop a real ball hit as hard as you can. The safety net outer stops those miss hit ball from bouncing around the garage or where ever you choose to install SportNET.

Let SportNET by garageGOLF give you the time and convenience to practice when you can, where you can. Now you will have the time to practice as frequently as you would like to. Although designed primarily for your garage, SportNET can be installed in a variety of locations, including a warehouse, big office, or even outdoors.


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